not for the life of meeeeee

okay so today was really crappy. i just dont feel good enough at all in any way. its kinda shitty but i dont want to dwell on it.

so now i am listening to millie and eating pirates booty. and kinda almost crying but not. i am just whining in my head. i feel ill and exhausted and i kind of hate myself today. my mom just told me that the way ive been physically feeling lately is familiar to the symptoms of diabetes. spectac. she wants me to get a blood test. no way in hell was my answer. i would rather get iller than ill. i am illogical. HAHA ILLogical. and funny. "youre a funny asshole."
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You are and always will be an inspiration to all who knew you. Your life was filled with hope, courage, and most of all love. Your presence was a joy to everyone who met you. We love you, Christina.